Common Mistakes People Make With Android TV Boxes

Common Mistakes People Make With Android TV Boxes

Common Mistakes People Make With Android TV Boxes

Changing Settings

Humans are curious creatures by nature. We love to play with things, change settings and upgrade software that doesn’t need to be. This curiosity is if you are an expert and know how to fix what you break while messing with it. Many of our customers get into trouble when they start changing settings on their Android Theater Box software. When you change settings and have no idea what they do then inevitably your box will crash and stop functioning.If you do not understand hardware or software settings then it is wise to leave things alone. The majority of problems experienced by our customers are self-inflicted. The typical customer email when their device stops working goes something like this “Everything was working fine, then all of sudden things stopped working (leaving out that they were trying to install an incompatible addon not included in our software)”. Most people are embarrassed to let us know they were messing around with settings or they read about some great new addon in a blog and decided to give it a try, causing their once perfectly functioning Android Theater Box not to function properly. My advice to anyone reading this post is unless you have a well rounded understanding of Android Theater native settings “if it aint broke don’t fix it”.

Upgrading Software

This is another extremely common problem we see all the time is unnecessary upgrading to the newest version of available software. Well it may seem like a great idea at first but then the unthinkable happens, your box doesn’t work at all after the upgrade. Well not everything that is new is better or stable. There is a reason we may not install the latest release on a device prior to shipping. Most of the time they are buggy and not ready for use by the general public. Also allot of addons are not even compatible with the latest version and may not be for months. Our engineers are experts with open source streaming media software and Android operating systems. Unless you know better then a competent linux programmer I would recommend not upgrading anything unless we tell you to through Email, our Facebook Page or our Website. Also keep in mind our software is highly customized and no longer compatible with standard plugins and addons.

Deleting or Adding Addons

Just because you can do something doesnt necessarily mean you should. A very common mistake we see is that if a customer is having issues with an addon and they immediately arrive at the conclusion the addon is corrupt or malfunctioning. So they delete it and reinstall it, well the problem with is usually the addon is just down temporarily or has not auto updated yet. Well if you download the new addon and it is the wrong version for our software it definitely will no longer work. Usually just going to the tool box App installed in the main menu of your home screen and clicking repair or update can rectify the problem if you manage to delete or uninstall an addon. Remember addons are provided by third party developers and we have no control over their functioning correctly. Sometimes an addon is just down and no one can use it. The best thing to do is be patient and wait for an update to occur or for us to send you a bulletin. If you have not signed up for update notifications you can join our mailing list by clicking here

AND THE BIGGEST PROBLEM IS? Not Closing Down Kodi Properly

Many people are not aware how complex the Android Theater Streaming media box is. So, many people are used to just pressing the power button on the remote to shut something down and they don’t realize that this device is actually a computer and requires proper procedure to turn off. After all you don’t just hit the power button on your desktop or laptop computer do you? If you do its only a matter of time until they crash. All computers need to dump memory and close programs in order to properly power down if they don’t it can corrupt your software and make your device not function the next time you use it. Well your Android Theater box is no different. So please be sure to turn of Android Theater Software and return the Home start up screen prior to powering the device down,this will ensure that you device will function properly and avoid data corruption.

About our Tool Box APP

Well if you have ignored all of our advice in this article (we anticipated some of you would) don’t worry there is still hope. Android Theater has developed an Award winning APP Called Tool-Box and if you have the latest version of our device it is installed in app’s. This application will let you completely restore, reinstall or repair your TV Box Streaming media software and settings with a click of a button. No more backups to save, no more hunting down and installing add-ons that don’t work, never worry again about crashing and losing all of your settings (We maintain the files in the cloud) . This simple APP installs in seconds and lets you repair and Install Android Theaters Completely Customized Version of Kodi with all the latest add-ons in just a few clicks. Now our customers have peace of mind knowing that your Android Theater TV Box will run flawlessly for years to come.